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We are ordinary people, living in extraordinary times, dedicated to choosing love - even when it's hard to.



95% of the American population wants to live in a loving and tolerant America and yet we can't figure out how to.

Instead, we live in a society where people are quick to judge, shame, and blame -- and a person's religious, political, or personal beliefs don't seem to change this fact.

We live in a society where everyone is afraid.

And because of our fears, we have lost touch with one another and the truth that #WeBelongToEachother.

At the I Choose Love Project, we are stepping into the void to create content, products, solutions -- and a movement -- that helps people to choose love - even when it's hard to. 

When you purchase our products, we use profits to reinvest in the mission.

And for every product purchased, one will be donated to someone who needs love.

It is our greatest hope that one day we all come to see the power in living these five simple words:


If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.

~Mother Teresa


Our founder, Christina Renée Joubert, had a dream ever since she was a little girl that one day she would do something -- or create something -- that would help change the world. She just didn't know exactly what that would be -- or when that big dream would come true.

Then on July 31, 2017, she walked away from an amazing company; amazing clients; $206K per year in compensation; a vice president title; amazing health, dental, and life insurance benefits; a car allowance; a private office, with floor-to-ceiling picturesque views, on the 37th floor of a downtown Los Angeles high rise; the ability to work from her oceanfront home most days; and a job that allowed her to be done by 3pm each day so that she could spend the afternoons and evenings being present and engaged with her son. 

On the day she walked away from her job, she had no idea what her next steps would be or the direction God would send her in -- all she knew was that her life had been a journey of finding herself; letting go of insecurities, addictions, and fears; and learning to love herself and all others from the people and circumstances that hurt her the most -- and it was time to pursue her dreams, trust God, and follow the yellow brick road. 

Less than two weeks after she left corporate America she met a man most people would judge, shame, blame, and hate while she was out on a stroll along the beach. And in an instant, her life changed forever and she knew, without question, that part of her life-long dream of helping to change the world would include helping people choose love, even when it's hard to. 

Two and a half years later, the I Choose Love Project was born. 

Below is one of our video campaigns titled: #IChooseToLoveYou (No Matter How Hard You Make It To). It is through your support and the revenue generated from the sale of our products, that we are able to create videos like these.

We hope you enjoy and we thank you for your support. 


"If you think you're too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito."

~The Dalai Lama


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