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A powerful way to end hate is by living our values everyday (l.o.v.e.).


Get Love, Give Love Campaign

We use profits from the sale of our products to reinvest in the mission. And, for every product purchased, one will be donated to someone who needs love.

Doing good for good's sake.


Social Media Campaigns w/ Character

In our social media campaigns we will give people the tools to choose love - even when it's hard to. Each campaign will be powerful, fun, and engaging -- inspiring our best selves rather than feeding our worst attributes.

Swag with Purpose 

At I Choose Love Project, all of our swag goes toward making a positive social impact -- lifting one another up rather than tearing anyone down; uniting rather than dividing. Our goal is to give people the tools to take back their power to be kind, loving, compassionate and free.

We call it 'Swag with Purpose'. 


Stories that Connect Us

We all have a story.

Each of our stories shape what we believe, how we behave, and what we value. 

In this campaign, we will travel across America to tap into the moral compass of America and the rise of the human spirit as we begin to take back our power to be happy and choose love. 


Monthly Community Call

We are not a 501(c)(3) charitable organization but we act like one.

We believe in living our values everyday (l.o.v.e.) and holding ourselves accountable to act in line with what we value. Some of the things we value include honesty, integrity and transparency.

As a result, we invite anyone who wants a status report on what we're doing to join us for our monthly community call. To be on the invite list, you'll need to join the I Choose Love Movement below. 

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